For Emergencies Call 911

For Emergencies Call 911

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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Fire Suppression

BLVFD has 17 active, 10 seasonal, and 8 probationary Firefighters who give up their personal time to train and certify in Fire Suppression Tactics. We have Structure, Wildland, and Wildland Urban Interface qualified Firefighters who take great pride in serving the Big Laramie Valley and Mountian Home areas.

Basic EMS & Rescue

When accidents or emergency medical issues happen BLVFD have 7 licensed EMTs that can respond in support of Laramie Fire Department. In our very rural area LFD can take a while to get where the incident happens but with our EMT support our community gets basic life saving treatment in a timely manner. 

All-Hazard Response

Mother nature has been known to hit with little to no warning. BLVFD has the manpower and training to help our neighbors deal with disasters. We also regularly communicate with the Albany County Fire Warden and Emergency Management Administrator for when outside resources are needed. 

Respect, Duty, and Integrity

Since 1970, Big Laramie Valley Volunteer Fire department has lived by these three words; respect, duty, and integrity.  Our love for our community, land, and future has created a strong foundation on which we learn and grow from everyday. Our desire to better our department through training, team work, and experience better prepares us for an unforeseen future.  We are stronger as community and a department when we all work together. Neighbors helping neighbors!