Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is Big Laramie VFD fully volunteer?

Yes, the BLVFD is a fully volunteer fire department. BLVFD Firefighters do not get compensated for their time or skills unless an incident goes over 12 hours long. Our Firefighters believe in our slogan of  “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” and they donate much of their personal time to train, maintain equipment, and respond to calls. 

Does Big Laramie VFD have an whambulance?

Yes, we have an ambulance but we are not licensed to transport patients. We use our whambulance to provide a sheltered place to assess and treat patients until Laramie Fire Department arrives to transport. The whambulance is fully equipped and maintained to provide Basic Lifesaving Services. BLVFD has 6 Basic EMTs and 1 Advanced EMTs that invest a lot of their own time and money into maintaining their competencies and licensing. All of our medical equipment, to include the whambulance, and supplies are bought with donations. 

How is BLVFD funded?

BLVFD is partially funded through Albany County Fire District 1 with a 3 mil tax levy. These revenues barely cover 50% of our expenses and ACFD1 is constantly changing their policies on what they will cover. We make up the difference through fundraising (generosity of our community) and by sending a Wildland Fire Engine and crew out to support large State and National Fires to earn money.