BLVFD Station 4 evolves into their own Volunteer Fire Department

Big Laramie Valley VFD was composed of two main stations and two substations. Station 1 is our main station located at 2004 HWY 230 near the Laramie Water Treatment Plant. Station 4 was our second main station located at 3987 HWY 230 near the WYCOLO Lodge. The members of the Station 4 Main Station decided to form their own Volunteer Fire Department and are now the WYCO VFD. The new WYCO VFD responds to wildfires and assists with motor vehicle accident and medical calls during the summer months. WYCO VFD doesn’t have any licensed EMTs or structure qualified firefighters yet so BLVFD will continue to have responsibilities in the WYCO area. Big Laramie VFD will continue to respond to all structure fires, motor vehicle accidents involving injury, and medical calls within the WYCO response area year round and will be the main fire department in the area during the winter months. WYCO VFD will take the lead during the summer months on wildfires within their response area. The WYCO VFD response area starts at the Chimney Park Boy Scout camp parking area on HWY 230 and ends at the Colorado State line.


Currently Big Laramie Valley VFD has two wildfire firefighters and one support person that reside on the WHR.  Mike Fossum is a wildland firefighter who is currently training to get structure fire qualified. Mike F is also our department training officer who takes every opportunity to learn more skills and gain more experience. Kyle Mercil is another wildfire firefighter that resides on WHR. He is also our department Treasurer. Kyle has brought our finances into the 21st Century and we are able to better manage our resources. Alex Sas-Jaworski support our fire supression efforts by setting up our water pump at the nearest (to the fire) water source to enable follow on resource to get water. Alex, at one time was a qualified wildfire firefighter knows what we need when we arrive on scene. These three people are the first responders that get to any incident on WHR and they are the best at letting follow on resources know how to get to the incident. 

BLVFD has a “virtual” substation located on the WHR. Our rescue vehicle is a Chevrolet Suburban that is used for command and emergency medical services. It resides at Mike’s house on WHR and is equipped with everything an EMT or an Incident Commander could use. The WHR fire engine is an old military 6×6 2.5ton truck with 1000 gallons of water and everything needed to help suppress a wildfire or help mitigate a structure fire. It resides in the heated shop at Kyle’s place. We are currently looking for a plot of land to call Substation 4 on WHR to store equipment at. 

BLVFD is currently trying to recruit volunteers to train and become firefighters and/or EMT’s. The WHR has unique qualities that makes response times longer so we figure the best mitigation is to put the appropriately trained people and equipment on the WHR.